Always in service

DispenserONE®’s advanced long-life dosing mechanism is unprecedented in sanitizer dispensing. This groundbreaking pump system utilizes leading-edge technology to provide hundreds of thousands of doses with a negligible maintenance requirement, meaning it’s always available for your customers when they need it.

Touchless technology

For the ultimate hand hygiene and user protection, DispenserONE® helps to prevent the transmission of viruses with its automatic sensor-activated delivery.

Remote access

The IoT-ready DispenserONE® models include a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing managers to view the live status of all their units across multiple sites through their personal online dashboard.

Mains Powered

Plug-in DispenserONE® models guarantee automatic touch-free dispensing 24/7 – reassurance for your customers and ending your reliance on single-use batteries.

Rechargeable battery

Take DispenserONE® where your customers need it with a rechargeable battery-operated model – all the benefits of the plug-in version with the flexibility for outdoor use or to accommodate a changing site layout.

Thermal camera and mask recognition

For complete peace of mind, DispenserONE® Thermoscan is the ultimate infection control system, with temperature and mask identification technology providing comprehensive protection and reassurance.

DispenserONE Mini

DispenserONE Flexi

DispenserONE Flexi 17"

DispenserONE Thermoscan


DispenserONE 17"

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